'Painting the interior'                           November 2018 Chattanooga TN, US

We are extremely excited to announce that Carlos San Millán will be joining us to teach the last visiting artist workshop of 2018.
Carlos is a master at painting everyday objects and interiors in a conceptual and abstracted way.  In this three-day workshop, Carlos will teach his approach to painting the interior as subject matter including his techniques and materials, underpainting, color, composition, light treatment, and how to create unity, nuance and consistency


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'Approaching the interior'                             November 2018 Raleigh NC, US

This approach to interior painting subjects from the particular technique of Carlos San Millán will focus on achieving unity and coherence in tones and lights (so important in this type of subjects) through previous underpainting work, chromatic nuances, and light treatment. This workshop is aimed at students with previous experience and intermediate or advanced level.


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