'Painting the Interior'                           September 12-14, 2019. Nashville TN, US

In this 3 day workshop, Carlos will demonstrate his approach to creating dynamic paintings using everyday interior scenes as inspiration. Students will learn how to use the correct underpainting related to light and color, how to create harmony of light and shapes from the start for a strong finish. Carlos will explain various layering techniques, and how to lead the viewer through the painting to the center of interest. .The workshop will include discussion on drawing, color, value, and what to do when a painting isn’t working.


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Painting Processes                             September 20-22, 2019                     September 27-29, 2019                           Seattle WA, US.

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'Painting the interior'                                   April 17-19 | 2020                            Chattanooga TN, US.

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'Taking advantage of the unexpected'            April 24-26 | 2020                                   Raleigh NC, US.

This workshop will explore the particular technique of Carlos San Millán, focusing on how to achieve unity and coherence in tones and lights from the beginning through previous underpainting work, chromatic nuances, and light treatment, including those unexpected marks that we will use as wonderful tools in our work.




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